Connect tableau to any REST API or database

Connect tableau to any REST API or database

We provide clean and simple tableau connectors so you can focus on analysis

Connect tableau directly to any REST API

We take care of building the web data connector so you can consume data directly from any API

See a demo of tableau connecting to an API

Connect tableau to SQL databases without a direct connection

Can’t get direct access to your database ? We provide a clean architecture by creating an API for your database with permission and access control to suit your enterprise requirements.

Learn more about API generation

Integrate tableau into your enterprise SOA

Harness the power of service oriented architecture (SOA) with tableau as a client

Connect tableau to your enterprise architecture

Tableau becomes a client of your service orientated architecture allowing you to follow enterprise architecture best practices

No need for direct database access which shouldn’t be granted in a clean SOA setup

Consume real time reports and data access

Fetch and consume data in real time from the database instead of relying on periodic dumps.

Data access from across multiple data sources

Build upon the strength of REST APIs

REST JSON query interface for accessing data providing a standardized interface for multiple teams to collaborate

Built-in access control to control who can access what data

We provide a WDC and API generator to get data from APIs and databases directly into tableau

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