Low code platform for building enterprise information systems

Digis’ offering helps you build information systems

Digis provides a range of products for building digital systems as well as consulting solutions

80% of development time is spent on low value tasks

Reduce API development time by 10x

With Digis, you don’t have to redevelop CRUD code and logic from scratch every time

80% of development time is spent on low value tasks

The Foundational Assets provide the building blocks of all information systems

SaaS interface

Users should have control of their systems. We provide a centralized web interface giving business users control of their data and developers a portal for managing their system.

Content management

Updating content shouldn’t require development time. With Digis SaaS, you can manage content, internationalisation, notifications, emails and FAQs.


System configuration and management can be an ungrateful task. Digis SaaS provides a global system view and a web interface to configure and deploy your system.

User management & Authentication

Complex user management & permissioning systems are hard to get right. We build solutions that are highly customizable, work out-of-the-box and integrate with the API engine.

Foster collaboration through flexible workflow tools

Integrate your systems through APIs and chain them to build powerful and modular workflows

API Integrations

All systems rely on third party integrations. We can help connect them together via standardised interfaces for both internal and external integrations.


Business counterparts should be directly involved in information workflows. We make it easy for anyone to build complex data flows.

The four foundational assets

Microservice architecture for connecting all your systems

State machine for linking API calls and mapping inputs and outputs

Visual interface for rapid iterations with business counterparts

Digis is empowering our customers, both large and small

We support our customers to build and deploy enterprise business information systems

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Complex permissioning system for enterprise scale access security

Rapid business iterations for content management and new features

Cost savings through reduction of backend workload by 70%

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Quick to market through minimal development time and costs

Out-of-the-box admin and user management interface

Build workflows with unprecedented ease

Define modular API integrations and chain them together

Workflow Example

Developers focus on custom business logic

Business counterparts can build their own workflows

Never write API logic for CRUD again

API code is automatically generated and deployed from your data model

API Generation Example

About Digis

Digis is a product created by Nexys. Nexys is a software development boutique specialising in enterprise information systems.

Our team are dedicated and hard working professionals with a track record of delivering high-quality systems to our customers. Our people and customers are located across Switzerland, the UK and the US.

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